The Germany vs Spain World Cup semi final has many fans salivating as it’s a rematch of the 2008 Euros’ final, where Spain won the title with a 1-0 victory. However, this matchup, at Durban Stadium in Durban on July 7, figures on being a lot tougher game for the Spanish as Germany is shifting into a higher gear with each game while Spain seems to be stuck in neutral.

Germany reached the semi-final stage by dismantling Argentina 4-0 in the quarterfinals and England 4-1 in the round of 16. Spain just squeaked by Paraguay in their quarterfinal and Portugal in the playoff round by identical 1-0 scores.

Who will win this match?

I cast the event horary chart for this match:

One day before the match I left my prediction in the Horary section of Astrodienst Forum in the topic “FIFA World Cup 2010 Predictions”.

First, I looked at the accidental dignities of the ASC ruler and the DSC ruler, but I did not find much difference. Next, I compared the essential dignities of the two teams. Again, there was not much difference. Then I looked at the Moon's aspects with the rulers of the 1st, 7th, 10th and 4th houses within 5 degrees. The only aspect was a sextile with Venus, lord of the 4th house, the house of success for the DSC team. This is the testimony which favours the DSC team. Moreover, the ASC ruler, Saturn, is in the unfortunate 8th house and on the last degree, which we often see as being the end of the road in cup competitions.

Now we must see who is represented by the ASC ruler and who is represented by the DSC ruler in this chart. The rule of the World Cup is that all teams must wear their home sports kit so long as they do not clash with the other team.

Here, we have Germany with a white & black home sports kit. This fits quite well with Saturn (black) in Virgo (white). The home sports kit for Spain is red & blue, which fits with Leo (red) on the DSC and Ve (blue) right on DSC. But, if Spain were to wear their away kit, which is dark blue, then Spain would be represented by the ASC ruler as Aq on the ASC fits quite well with dark blue. Germany would then be represented by the DSC ruler as, in that case, they would be in brighter colours with a white & black combination. Spain has also a third sports kit which is all white!! So, taking all of this into account in my post, I predicted who would be the winner. I wrote this:

If Germany were to wear white & black and Spain red & blue, then Spain would win .

If Spain wears their all white kit, once again, Spain would win.

But if Spain wears their dark blue kit and Germany wears their white & black kit then Germany would win.


After the match, on I read following text:

"Puyol sends Spain into Final

After the match, on I read following text: Puyol sends Spain into Final Spain reached the World Cup final for the first time after a second-half header from Carles Puyol secured a narrow victory over Germany after an intriguing match in Durban. Vicente Del Bosque's side won their fourth straight game 1-0 and will now play the Netherlands in Sunday's final at Soccer City. "

(Note: In this match Germany wore their home white & black sports kit and Spain also wore their home red & blue sport kit!)