Group A in the World Cup looks completely wide open and any side that takes all three points from their 2nd round of matches will be in pole position to go through. Basically, if you don't win your 2nd match, you will need help to go through and that's really not where you want to be at this point.

This match between South Africa and Uruguay goes beyond mere football entertainment – it is a battle of nations and the Africa vs South America encounters always end up bringing a unique form of excitement. On paper, South Africa are with their world ranking of 90, underdogs in this World Cup 2010 match – but that won’t mean anything to the ‘The Sky Blues’ – who will be focused on the match 100% regardless of what the pundits might label their opponents.

Who will win this match?

I cast the event horary chart for this match:

On the day of the match, one member of the Skyscript Forum in the Horary section, Rohan, asked me to share my views about this match. Here was my analysis: first, I assigned the ASC and DSC rulers to the teams by the colour method. The rule of the World Cup is that all teams must wear their home sports kit so long as they do not clash with the other team.

Here, we have South Africa with a yellow/green home sports kit. This fits quite well with Saturn (green) in Virgo (yellow). However, the home sports kit for Uruguay is blue/black, which does not fit with Leo as the DSC ruler. However, the Moon is in the 7th house, so I concluded that Uruguay will wear their away kit which is completely white (and so they did) because Leo signifies bright colours and Moon signifies white colour.

Next, we look at accidental dignities and do not find much difference. Then we look at the Moon's aspects within 5 degrees. We have a sextile with the antiscion of Mars, ruler of the 10th house, then a sextile with the Sun, ruler of the 7th house, and a square with the antiscion of Venus, ruler of the 4th house. So, as you can see, the aspect with the Sun makes the difference! We see the Moon is in the Sun's sign (this favours the DSC team) and in the detriment of Saturn (this signifies harm for the ASC team) so, my conclusion was that the DSC team, Uruguay, will win .


After the match, on I read following text:

"South Africa 0 - 3 Uruguay

Uruguay spoils hosts' party at World Cup. They produced an assured performance to beat hosts South Africa in Pretoria and take control of Group A.