Leverkusen have saved some of their best football for Europe this term, topping their UEFA Cup group ahead of another Russian team, FC Spartak Moskva, before eliminating Galatasaray AS and Hamburger SV en route to the last eight. Defender Karim Haggui believes this Bayer 04 Leverkusen side is capable of emulating the club's UEFA Cup triumph of 1987/88 but warns they will need to be at their best to get past FC Zenit St. Petersburg in the quarter-finals. "There's something special about playing European games and competing against some of the best clubs," he said and add: "We've played some lovely football already and we're all extremely motivated for the Zenit match. Beating sides like FC Zurich, Galatasaray and Hamburg breeds confidence and we are starting to feel that we have an opportunity to do something special this season. Our objective in the league is to finish in the top five at least, but the UEFA Cup is a competition we can win."

By odds, Leverkusen was favorite:

Bayer Leverkusen - Zenit St Petersburg

Odds: 1,65 3,55 5,15

On match day, 3. April 2008., at 9:13am, on the forum, I read this post:

Will Zenit beat Bayern? 03-04-2008 07:11 GMT, Moscow, Russia.

This was a question of the member "Uber", Zenit's supporter. He post his reading of this chart and his prediction was that match will end draw. When I cast the chart I see different result! Because I know he will bet, I decide to answer this post, i.e. to save him his money!!

See chart!

This is the chart upon horary question cast for date, time and place where the querent asked the question.

Because querent is Zenit's supporter, Zenit gets ASC.(The team the querent supports is given the first house, as an extension of the self, in the same way that the querent would say 'we won', despite not himself playing.) Leverkusen gets DSC.

My answer to Uber's post at 11:07 am was:

I think Zenit will win. Ruler of ASC(Zenit), Moon is right on MC, in angular house, while ruler of DSC(Leverkusen), Sa is in cadent house and rx. Moon is fast, Sa rx also, but it is not "normal" for Sa, so Moon is in much better position! Accidental dignities for Moon=14 for Sa rx=1.

What about that Ma in fall so close to ASC? Ma is in Moon's sign, that means Ma "likes" Moon and Moon has applaying trine aspect with Ma, so Ma helps Moon, we do not have to worry about him! Maybe someone would say, "but Sa is so close to IC (as Moon to MC)". Yes, it is close, but remember this rule: the closer the stronger . Moon is off from MC 0 degrees 18' and Sa is off from IC 3 degrees 4' !!


After the match on the website you could read:

"Rampant Zenit floor Leverkusen

FC Zenit St. Petersburg are poised to reach the UEFA Cup semi-finals for the first time after they produced a wonderful performance to defeat Bayer 04 Leverkusen 4-1 in the first leg of their last-eight encounter at the BayArena."