FC Zurich were handed a prized opening fixture for their UEFA Champions League group-stage debut when Real Madrid CF were drawn to start the Group C campaign in Switzerland on Matchday 1, 15/09/2009 .

Over the last few seasons, Zurich took the lead in the domestic league,and the last one brought them the championsí title without much trouble with a convincing lead in front of the closest rivals.

Real Madrid molded another generation of Galacticos with the main goal to achieve something, that is to win, the greatest European competition. After a few disastrous Champions League seasons with Real ending the road one round after group stage, royal club, significant reinforced, will commence the new age wishing to regain the lost stature.

Will Real Madrid win this match ?

This is the event horary chart cast for the date, time and place where the match was to be held:

I use the colour method to asign the ASC and DSC teams in a chart. The Zurich home sport kit is white and because Li and Ve are connected with white, I assigned Zurich to the DSC ruler.

The ASC ruler is in the sign of Ar and its ruler Ma is connected with black, so the ASC ruler represents Real Madrid because their away sport kit is black.

Accidental dignities for rulers are:



This is not a lot of difference, so we must look at the essential dignities and they are:

Ma= -1

Ve= -5

As we see, in both cases, Ma has the advantage.

Next, we look at the Moon's aspects within 5 degrees and there is only one: a sextile with Ma's antiscion on 17Ge01. That is one futher testimony that Ma has the advantage. Ma is really nicely placed on the cusp of the turned 10th house of Zurich, so Real Madrid controls the success of Zurich. The Point of Victory is on 28Ta49, in the 1st house, the house of Real Madrid, and Ve, ruler of the DSC, goes to square it, which is one more bad sign for the DSC team.

Taking all of these testimonies into account, I posted my prediction on Horoscopeschat forum four days before the match, that Real Madrid would win .


After the match you could read on http://soccernews.bigsoccer.com website:

"Real Madrid started their Championís League campaign away to Swiss champions FC Zurich with an exciting 5-2 victory. "