FK Crvena Zvezda (Red Star FC) take on the visitors Krasnodar at “Rajko Mitic Stadium” in the reverse fixture of the Qualification final round of the UEFA Europa League. The game will be played in Belgrade on Thursday, August 24th. The first-leg match ended with 3:2 scoreline in favour of Krasnodar.

Who will be the winner of this match?

Here is the event horary chart cast for the date, time and place where the match was to be held:

After looking at the chart, I post this my prediction in the Horary section of the TYL astrology forum 10 hours before the kickoff:

As C. Zvezda's home kit is red/white that perfectly fits with ruler of the ASC, Mars/red in Leo/white. We see Mars goes to conjunct the N.Node! A significator conjunct the North Node is greatly strengthened! Because orb is less then 2 degree this is a strong and clear testimony that the ASC team/C. Zvezda will win!


On 24. August 2017. on the website you could read the following:

"Serbian Red Star beats Krasnodar

Serbian Red Star on Thursday beat Russian club Krasnodar 2-1 in the second game of the playoffs of the Europa League qualification stage and qualified for the group phase of the UEFA Europa league. Having lost the first match with 3-2, Red Star set the score even in the second match to 4-4, and qualified to the group phase because it scored more away goals. "