On Tuesday (May 25, 2021), Partizan will be away to Crvena Zvezda in the final of the Serbian Cup. Partizan won three previous Cup finals against Crvena Zvezda, all with a 1-0 final score.

As I am fan of Partizan, on 13. May 2021, I asked the question: Will my Partizan win Crvena Zvezda in Serbian Cup?

This is the chart cast for the date, place and time where I asked the question:

On the same day I post this my prediction in the Horary section of the HOROSCOPESCHAT forum:

The team the querent supports is given the 1st house, as an extension of the self, in the same way that the querent would say 'we won', despite not himself playing. So, Partizan is represented by the 1st house ruler, Sun.
Crvena Zvezda, as Partizan opponent, is represented with the ruler of the 7th house Saturn.
ASC is in conjunction with unfortunate fixed star S. Aselli. Next, dignities are in Saturn's favour, that means Crvena Zvezda will win. As Moon shows the flows of events, we see that the Moon has applying aspect, trine, with Saturn, one more s testimony that Crvena Zvezda will win!


AFTER 12 DAYS......

After the match on 25. May 2021. on the https://sport.blic.rs website you could read the following:

"The Crvena Zvezda football players are the winners of the Serbian Cup for this season, as they defeated Partizan 4:3 in the final, after a better penalty shootout. After a better penalty shootout, Crvena Zvezda managed to win the trophy in the most massive competition in Serbia and thus complete the double crown, the first after 14 years!"